Pregnancy is often an exciting time in life, you’re preparing for a child and everyone says you’ve got a glow about you, but it also comes with some aches and pains. Luckily, this tension and muscle soreness that you’ll likely experience in your hips, pelvis and lower back can be resolved with a visit to your local chiropractor.

At Gonnet Chiropractic, we are often asked how safe it is to see a chiropractor during pregnancy, but as a drug-free, non-surgical technique to maintain the health of the spinal column and adjustment any misaligned joints, it’s actually one of the safest methods you could invest in during gestation. Over half of us experience back pain or sciatica during our pregnancies this is due to the numerous hormonal and physical changes that are occurring in our bodies.

The growth of the baby and the different hormones can loosen the ligaments in the pelvis and create changes in posture.  These changes can go on to create imbalances and misalignments that may cause significant discomfort and pain.

For pregnancy chiropractic, all practicing and licenced chiropractors will use adjusting tables and special pillows to accommodate for growing bellies and will ensure that no pressure is put on the abdomen. Other changes in your posture could include a protruding abdomen resulting in an increased curve in your back as well as changes to your pelvis as your body prepares for labor.

Overall, the advantages of chiropractic care during pregnancy are astounding. For more information on pregnancy chiropractic in north Brisbane, give our team at Gonnet Chiropractic a call today on (07) 3886 4300.

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