Chiropractic rehabilitation is used to evaluate and treat a wide variety of medical conditions and injuries focussing on the nervous system. While the nervous system is comprised of your brain, spinal cord and nerves, damage to any of these three key areas can adversely affect other systems in your body.

Rehabilitation is often used in conjunction with other manual chiropractic therapies to help you recover from trauma, overuse syndromes, injuries,r to help you build strength in the supporting muscles or to decrease your recovery time.  Occasionally with chronic or long-term injuries, poor movement patterns have been developed to avoid putting load or pressure on injured structures. 

Rehabilitation exercises can focus on re-establishing the correct muscle activation patterns.  For example with chronic low back pain, a common fault is gluteal amnesia, where instead of the person using the large gluteal muscles (or butt muscles) they will use the back muscles instead to lift which can lead to multiple recurrent back issues.  Rehabilitation exercises can also be used to change or correct many modern-day bad habits from too much device use or poor posture.

Chiropractic rehabilitation will often consist of regular exercises that include stretching, stabilisation, aerobic and balance sessions. These exercises are about strengthening muscle groups and nervous system control to reduce pain and psychological stress, increase fitness and overall health, optimise the healing of damaged tissue or muscle, improve your posture, co-ordination and balance, and reduce the risk of re-injury. Furthermore, these exercises will be tailored to best suit your individual needs and limitations. 

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