Whether you’re an amateur or professional sports player, there’s no doubt that each new season brings about an increased risk of injury often due to inadequate preparation or progressing too quickly. However, our concern at Gonnet Chiropractic is how these injuries are managed as it will determine how quickly and well an athlete will heal. Appropriate and professional management of a sporting injury can prevent further complications down the track and may get you onto the field, court or track much sooner than if the injury was ignored.

Sports taping, or kinesiology tape as it is also known, helps restrict unwanted movement in:

  • Ankles: to stop the ankle moving sideways, reducing the risk of sprain or to assist in the recovery of damaged ligaments
  • Knees: to control your kneecap movement if you experience pain from a previous injury, poor alignment or your biomechanics. 
  • Lower back: lumbar taping eases lower back pain by restricting your movement leaning forwards (for example when lifting or slouching). 
  • Mid back: thoracic taping helps with posture by pulling your shoulders back and down. 

Gonnet Chiropractic also offers sports taping for hands, wrists and shoulders during the healing stage of your injury to prevent stiffness, poor scar tissue formation and decreased muscle strength. However, sports taping is not only used post-injury as it has also been proven to be useful for preventing excessive movement, facilitating appropriate muscle responses, reducing muscle fatigue, decreasing pain and helping with lymphatic drainage and blood flow. 

When you visit Gonnet Chiropractic for sports taping in north Brisbane, you’ll have the choice between kinesiology tape and strapping tape – each offering their own benefits and advantages. While kinesiology tape is used to help assist muscle function and blood flow, strapping tape is more often used to restrict movement.

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